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Chinthowa Development Trust


Last year many of our parishioners gave us their used Christmas Cards, they have been used to make new Christmas GIFT cards. We hope that you like what we have been able to do with them. For each card we ask a donation of a minimum of £5 and all the money will go towards one of our projects in the village.

  • Secondary school student school fees.

  • Soap, sanitisers, face masks to fight the Covid pandemic.

  • The School Feeding Programme

  • Training girls and women to use sewing machines.

  • Cooperative Farming project.

A small certificate is given with each card for you to enclose when you send the card.

We have different types of card but each one is different. They are covered in cellophane.

  1. Nativity cards

2. Angel cards.

3. Bethlehem cards

4. Shepherds and Kings.

5. Robins, Squirrels, Foxes and Penguins.

6. Ordinary Cards

7. Art Deco cards. (Sold Out)

We really appreciate how we have been supported by members of the parish over the last 20 years. Together we have been able to help the people of the Chinthowa area increase their education and standard of living.

If you would like to order one or a few of the gift cards, we can deliver or post to your home.

Thank you.

Margaret and Brian Ingram 01827 704858

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