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French Drain completed around the Church

For many years there has been a problem with damp walls in the church. It is hoped that this new solution will be more successful than previous attempts.

There has been a trench dug out all around church. Then a perforated land drain pipe has been laid into the trench and connected into the storm drains. Then the trench is filled with small gravel. This way any water is able to quickly drain away from the walls and not be soaked up by them.

This is only the first stage of the solution. Inside church we will need to remove the plaster from the walls where the damp is showing, probably a metre high around the inside. Then we will need commercial dehumidifiers to draw out the water in he walls.

Once we are confident the walls are dry enough and the French drain is keeping them that way we will then complete the work by plastering the walls and finally painting the inside of the church.

We will also need to look at how we heat the church in the future.

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