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On Wednesday morning just before mass was to begin, a young man, Jonathan walked into church, he told me he was from just around the corner, had been born in Atherstone, but had just returned from Ireland to be with his parents. He had seen the message on Facebook and it had made him curious to meet Fr. Paul at St. Benedict's. He stayed for mass and I'm sure we will see him again.

Then this morning I read this e mail from Patrick who took the video and edited it:

I've had a message passed back to me from a YouTube site in which your message has been posted. I'm sure you will want to read it.

The good Lord has certainly joined the age of Technology!



Gemma Louise Rose O'Neill Thank you for this welcome, Father. I’m also a Mancunian living in Atherstone and have been wondering about returning to Mass here in Atherstone (during Covid, I’ve been watching Mass from my old parish, Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Urmston via Facebook). I look forward to meeting you in person soon. Merry Christmas to you and all your parishioners!

These two incidents assure me that there are people in Atherstone and surrounding villages who want to hear the message we have to offer. How often do you talk to your neighbours about your Catholic faith? When did you last ask someone who drifted away to come back to mass with you?

Jesus said to his apostles that they should go out into the whole world and take the message of the Good News. I'm not asking you to go to foreign lands! Just share your faith in Grendon, Dorden, Baddesley, Hurley, Mancetter, Bentley and Atherstone. The celebration of the Birth of our Saviour is a great time to do this.

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