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“Comfort, O Comfort my people, says your God.” (Isaiah 40.1)

I remember in high school having a chance to kick a winning penalty in a soccer game. I stepped up to the ball, waited for the referee’s whistle and took my shot…I hit the post, and consequently we lost the game. As I sunk to my knees feeling utterly disappointed and as though I had let my team down, surprisingly my teammates gathered around me to console me. I wasn’t scolded for my miss – I was comforted. We were all in that kick together.

The opening words to Isaiah chapter 40 were written to remind the children of Israel that they were not forsaken. They had made many mistakes but through the prophet’s words, the promises of future hope are sure and steadfast. These words would echo in the New Testament in a myriad of ways. God will comfort us and he will use His people to do it.

When we, or those around us, are at our lowest point, we must remember that there is comfort from above and comfort from those beside us. We each have a role to play in the lives of others. We may not be able to offer answers, but we can offer encouragement, hope, practical care and comfort.

Our God is a God who comforts and he calls us to that also. We are all in life together.

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