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Cohort 4 based in Atherstone at St Benedict’s Community Hall, Owen Street is a women’s peer-led community group supporting survivors of abuse, loneliness or disadvantage.

Charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups all over the UK have received the highest award given to organisations delivering exceptional service within their communities.

Many of those honoured have adapted their services to respond to the coronavirus outbreak as the voluntary sector continues to play a vital role in the national effort.

All of these award winners have demonstrated a long-term commitment to volunteering that gives real meaning to society, and which shows Britain at its best. Moreover, some of them have also managed to provide valuable support with the fight against Covid-19. We owe them our gratitude – and our congratulations.

The recipients of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service are announced every year on 2 June, the anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation.

COHORT 4 can be contacted through their website.

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