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The school and parish were very happy for the twelve children and two adults who were confirmed that night. The church was full with families and school staff turning out to support the candidates.

They were confirmed by one of the diocese’s retired bishops' Bp. David McGough. He had a smile from ear to ear throughout the mass. He was friendly and kind and he took a moment to speak to each candidate and their sponsor.

It was wonderful to have everyone joining in the singing of the hymns. With Fr. Paul in charge of the music it was a little disconcerting as one wasn't sure when the music would start and there were one or two stop/start moments.

The candidates all behaved impeccably, as did the children doing the readings and the prayers.

At the end of mass Bp. David gave out the certificates and talked about how he still has his own from when he was a young boy.

The mass ended and Bp. David stood on the sanctuary steps allowing all the candidates to have their photo taken with him. The church looked beautiful with two flower arrangements on pedestals on either side of the sanctuary. With Red being the colour for the Holy Spirit, the sanctuary looked warm and welcoming.

All went home full of the Spirit and with stories to tell of the night.

We look forward to seeing them all at mass this weekend.

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